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Meth Abuse Fast Facts

Get the 411 on meth abuse and addiction...   Methamphetamine is a drug that is created using a combination of chemicals that include amphetamines, including the stimulants present in cough medicine. However, the "cooks" of meth will also add in strong chemicals never intended for hu... Read More

Fentanyl Overdose Signs

Fentanyl Overdose and Other Signs of Fentanyl Abuse...   For many, fentanyl is an entity heard about through the news, through podcasts, radio, and newspaper updates that give us the current death toll due to the effects of fentanyl abuse, but what does fentanyl do? And why is fentanyl overdo... Read More

Effects of Alcohol Abuse (And How to Get Help)

Become familiar with the signs of a "functional" alcoholic and the effects of alcohol abuse....   Drinking alcohol in excess, whether just for an occasion or over a long period of time can negatively impact your health. An individual's mood and behavior are altered every time he... Read More

Substance Abuse Statistics

The numbers don't lie: Substance abuse statistics in the U.S. have been on the rise for the last decade...   Substance abuse statistics and research not only pays close attention to the number of people that have fallen prey of an addiction, or what type of drug or narcotic is being abuse... Read More

Heroin Treatment Pittsburgh

Heroin Addiction Recovery and the Heroin Treatment Pittsburgh has to offer...   Heroin addiction recovery provides various treatment, therapy, and personal support options for people struggling with addiction, withdrawals, and other consequences of heroin use. While the centers for heroin tre... Read More

Crystal Meth Addiction

Stay Informed: How you can get your life back after suffering from a crystal meth addiction....   Crystal Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth, is an illegal synthetic, highly potent and dangerous stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Crystal Meth Addiction is a very serious thing. T... Read More

Drug Treatment Centers Pittsburgh Introduces Enhanced Residential Drug Rehab Services

Treatment Centers Pittsburgh Introduces Enhanced Residential Rehab Services...   Pittsburgh, PA — (November 6, 2015) — Treatment centers in Pittsburgh are introducing their enhanced residential drug rehab Pittsburgh services for individuals in the area of Pittsburgh who are lookin... Read More

Relapse Prevention and Drug Treatment in Pittsburgh

Most addicts who enter rehab for addiction treatment come out a few weeks later successfully freed of their habit. Unfortunately, only one in three remain free any longer than two months or so. Fewer still make it to the end of the year. The problem lies in making it past the challenge of relapse, t... Read More

Pittsburgh Flakka Treatment

Pittsburgh Flakka Treatment Centers...   Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone, also known as a-PVP or "flakka," is a synthetic stimulant drug developed in the 1960s. Also called "gravel," this drug has become increasingly popular among street users for its methamphetamine-like e... Read More

Pittsburgh Xanax Abuse Rehab

Pittsburgh Xanax abuse rehab centers provide programs for the treatment of prescription drug abuse and addiction. A psychoactive, the drug primarily acts on the brain to intensify the effect of the GABA neurotransmitter. The resultant effect provide patients with an effective defense against seizure... Read More

Marijuana Plants Found in Pennsylvania Home

Pennsylvania law enforcement agencies arrested two people last month after seizing more than 70 marijuana plants from a greenhouse in the backyard....   A neighbor tipped off police that they suspected the unidentified suspects were growing the plants in their yard. Police found grow lights a... Read More

Choosing the Right Drug Rehab Pittsburgh PA

Finding the Right Drug Rehab...   If you or someone close to you is trying to fight alcoholism or drug addiction and wish to get rid of this issue, then going to a good rehab is probably the only solution that you can think of. There are a number of rehab centers around you. However, finding ... Read More

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