Pittsburgh Xanax Abuse Rehab

Pittsburgh Xanax abuse rehab centers provide programs for the treatment of prescription drug abuse and addiction. A psychoactive, the drug primarily acts on the brain to intensify the effect of the GABA neurotransmitter. The resultant effect provide patients with an effective defense against seizures, anxiety, insomnia, alcohol withdrawal.

Xanax, the commonly known trade name that alprazolam is sold under, is safe when used according to doctor's orders over short periods of time. Used over longer periods, though, the drug is highly addictive. Unfortunately, many doctors tend to ill-advisedly write out extended prescriptions. This practice often results in the formation of addictive symptoms in patients. The drug is also easy to obtain in clubs and on the street, making it a serious addictive risk.

Pittsburgh addiction treatment centers can wean you off Xanax and help you live a healthier life.

Xanax Abuse

Xanax is abused in a number of ways. While most users simply swallow the drug with water, experienced users tend to get greater mileage out of the drug through chewing it. Consumed in this way, the drug tends to reach the bloodstream and the brain far more quickly, and with greatly enhanced effect. Rarely, users tend to snort powdered Xanax to make it act quickly.

When Xanax is taken together with alcohol, the body often develops extremely high capacity for the drug. Users are often unable to know when to stop. As a result, substance abusers who try such combinations risk overdosing on them.

Xanax is addictive in the same way as many other central nervous system depressants -- it raises the brain's exposure to neurotransmitters such as GABA and dopamine, activating the brain's pleasure giving and habit-forming circuits.

Effects on Health

Constant drowsiness is one of the clearest indicators of Xanax abuse. As a long-acting drug, it tends to stay in the system a full day, causing sleepiness. Addicts experience swings in mood and hostility, while others tend to fixate on the idea of taking their own lives.

With prolonged abuse, Xanax can begin to degrade the health in a number of ways. Patients can experience tremors, blurred vision, weight loss, and gastric disturbances. Depression and aggression are also commonly noted.

Treatment for Addiction or Intense Abuse

As with any other type of addiction, the primary treatment for Xanax addiction comes in the form of intense, long-term therapy. Such therapeutic intervention cannot work, though, for as long as the patient continues to use. Addicts need to first attend Pittsburgh drug detox to clean up. Narcotics Anonymous (http://northpittsburghna.org/) is an aftercare program that lets addicts share experiences and determine their initial reason for using drugs. Drug detox centers in Pittsburgh can turn your life around.

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